said to be cultivated to some extent, and the produce not to be distinguishable
from Gwalior ganja. Mr. Stoker notes that this source of supply is capable of
extension. The capital and a great part of the Chirkari State is situated in the
middle of the Hamirpur district in the North-Western Provinces. The country
is wild and mountainous, and prevention of smuggling is impossible. From the
Panna State there is considerable smuggling into the Damoh district of the
Central Provinces. It is very desirable in the interests of the excise administra-
tion of the North-Western Provinces that the cultivation and production of the
drug should be controlled in this Agency.

Bhopawar Agency.

709. Mr. Gunion says that all over the Bhopawar Agency the hemp plant
is cultivated for ganja and bhang, rarely for charas.
The production is limited, and, except in the parts
adjoining British Nimar, only for the personal use of the cultivators. No other
information has been obtained. Mr. Robertson, Deputy Commissioner of Nimar,
says that ganja smuggling from the Native States which border on Nimar, though
it no doubt exists, has never been a prominent matter in Nimar. It is the
general opinion, however, that a good deal of petty smuggling exists.

Western Malwa Agency.

710. Mr.Gunion mentions a kind of ganja called 'gorakhi,' which is said to
be made from the wild plant in the Jaora State of
the Western Malwa Agency. The Commission are
in possession of a statement made by Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel Caldecott,
Agency Surgeon, that there is cultivation for the production of charas, bhang,
and ganja all over Malwa, but he is unable to say to what extent. The States
of this Agency (Jaora and Rutlam) do not adjoin British territory.

Rajputana Agency.

711. In the Jeypore State there is practically no system of administration of
the hemp drugs. Customs duty is levied on import
and export at the rate of Rs. 4 per maund for ganja,
Rs. 20 per maund for charas, and Re. 1 per maund
for bhang. There is also an inland customs duty of 4 annas per maund on
bhang. There is no restriction in regard to cultivation, manufacture, sale,
or possession of the drugs. As noticed in the chapter on cultivation, it is stated
in the memorandum that 10,000 maunds of bhang are produced, indicating a
large rural consumption if the figure is correct; for only 27 maunds are said to be
exported. Ganja and charas are imported, not produced in the State. Jeypore
does not adjoin British territory, and further control is not at present essential to
the success of a system of administration in the British provinces.


712. Duties are levied in the Jodhpur State as

Import duty per

Export duty per

Transit duty per

Rs. A. P.

Rs. A. P.

Rs. A. P.



4 8 0

4 8 0

3 0 0



0 2 0

0 2 0

0 2 0

It is said that a Government duty of Rs. 2 per maund is charged on the im-
port of ganja; but this is not further explained. There is no restriction on the cul-