Gwalior and Patiala, under passes granted by the Collectors or Political Agents
concerned. The traffic is not large. Dholpur adjoins the North-Western Prov-


722. In Banswara no memorandum has been furnished, but the Commission
have information from the officials that ganja and
bhang are produced. The State adjoins the Bombay
Presidency. Nothing is known of the system of excise administration.


723. A statement has been furnished for Serohi which shows that licenses
to sell ganja are given for seven places in the State,
and a revenue averaging Rs. 386 per annum realised
for license fees (Rs. 863 for 1892-93) and Rs. 145 for fixed duty. There are
license holders, but they keep no record. Only ganja is imported, the average
being 32 maunds per annum. Cultivation is unrestricted and not recorded.
The Kotwal of Serohi estimates the outturn of ganja produced in the State at
8 maunds, and bhang at 300 maunds. No exports are shown. It is stated that
the whole of the ganja and bhang produced in the country, averaging one maund
of the former and 40 maunds of the latter, is recovered from the cultivators and
given in charity and sent to the temples of Mahadeo, and some is used in liquor.
The State does not adjoin British territory.


724. Customs duties are levied in the Kerowli State on imports at the rate
of Rs. 2-8-0 per maund on ganja, Rs. 10 on charas,
and Re. 1 on bhang. During the Shivratri fair
in February the duties are suspended. The right of retail vend at three towns
is sold by auction, and there are 8 licenses for retail vend. No further control
is exercised. The plant is cultivated for bhang, and ganja is imported. The
transactions shown are very small, but the license fee averages Rs. 1,157 per
annum. The State does not adjoin British territory.


725. The only system of control in force in the Kishengarh State consists in
the levy of duties (apparently import duties) at the
rate of Re. 1-8-0 per maund on ganja and charas
and 4 annas on bhang. The farming system used to prevail, but has been
abandoned. It is now proposed to increase the duties and to license vendors.
The transactions are small. Kishengarh adjoins Ajmere.


726. In Jaisalmir there is provision for levying customs duties, but it is
stated that there has been no import or export of
hemp drugs for the last ten years, and that the drugs
are not sold in the State. There is, however, a little cultivation for ganja and
bhang, which is purchased by the consumers from the cultivators. Jaisalmir
adjoins Sind, and a small amount of ganja and charas is said to be smuggled into
Sind through this State.


727. In this small State import and export duties are charged at rates not
mentioned. Transit duty at 3 pies per sér is also
levied on bhang exported to foreign States in addi-
tion to the export duty. There is no further control of any kind. In future it is
proposed to issue licenses to a limited number of persons at a few selected