Page 291

And levis in to wrechitneſs

he wirkis sorrow to him sell

He þat may be but sturt or stryfe

and leif ane lusty plesand lyfe

and syne wt mariege dois him mell

and bindis him wt ane wicket wyfe

he wirkis sorrow to him sell

He þat hes for his awin genƺie

Ane plesand prop but mank or menƺie

and schuttis syne at ane vncow schell

And is forfairn wt the fleis of spenƺie

he wirkis etc.

And he þat wt gud lyfe and trewt

but varians or vder slewth

Dois evir mair wt ane maister dwell

That nevir of him will haif no rewth

he etc.

1 The nine lines scored out have already appeared on fol. 98b.

Now all this tyme lat ws be mirry

and sett not by this warld a chirry

now quhill thair is gude wyne to sell

he þat dois on dry breid virry

I gif him to the devill of hell

                     q dumbar

follows þe wowing of the king

quhen he wes in dumfermeling

This hindirnyt in dumfermeling

To me wes tawld ane windir thing

That lait ane tod wes wt ane lame

And wt hir playit and maid gud game

Syne till his breist did hir Imbrace

And wald haif riddin hir lyk ane rame

And that me thot ane ferly cace

He braisit hir bony body sweit

And halsit hir wt fordir feit

Syne schuk his taill wt quhinge and ƺelp

and todlit wt hir lyk ane quhelp

syne lowrit on growfe and askit grace

And ay the lame cryd lady help

And that me thot ane ferly cace

The tod wes nowder lene nor skowry

he wes ane lusty reid haird lowry

ane lang taild beist and grit wt all

The silly lame wes all to small

To sic ane tribbill to hald ane bace

Scho fled him not ffair mot hir fall

And that me thot ane ferly cace