Page 292

The tod wes reid the lame wes quhyte

Scho wes ane morsall of delyte

He lovit na ƺowis auld twch and sklender

Becaus this lame wes ƺung and tender

He ran vpoun hir wt a race

And scho schup nevir for till defend hir

And thiſs etc.

He grippit hir abowt the west

and handlit hir as he had hest

This Innocent that nevir trespast

Tuke hert that scho wes handlit fast

And lute him kiſs hir lusty face

His girnand gamis hir not agast

And þat etc.

He held him till hir be the hals

And spak full fair thot he wes falſs

Syne said and swoir to hir be god

That he suld not twich hir prenecod

The silly thing trowd him allace

The lame gaif creddence to the tod

And þat etc.

I will no lesingis put in verſs

Lyk as thir Iangleris dois reherſs

Bot be quhat maner thay war mard

Quhen licht wes owt and durris wes bard

I wait not gif he gaif hir grace

Bot all the hollis wes stoppit hard

And þat etc.

Quhen men dois fleit in Ioy maist far

Sone cumis wo or thay be war

quhen carpand wer thir two most crowſs

The wolf he ombesett the houſs

Vpoun the tod to mak ane chace

The lamb than cheipit lyk a mowſs

And þat etc.

Throw hiddowis ƺowling of the wowf

This wylie tod plat doun on growf

And in the silly lambis skin

he crap als far as he micht win

and hid him thair ane weill lang space

The ƺowis besyd thay maid na din

And etc.

Quhen of the tod wes hard no peip

The wowf went 1 all had bene on sleip

And quhill the tod had strikkin ten

The wowf hes drest him to his den

protestand for þe secound place

And this report I wt my pen

How at Dumfermling 2 fell the cace

                         q dumbar