Page 293

Ane ballat of the fenƺeit freir of tungland

how he fell in the myre fleand to turkiland

As ƺung awrora wt cristall haile

In orient schew hir visage paile

A swenyng swyth did me assaile

Off sonis of sathanis seid

Me thot A turk of tartary

Come throw the boundis of barbary

And lay forloppin in lumbardy

ffull lang in waithman weid

          1 all deleted.      2 thair deleted.

ffra baptasing for to eschew

Thair a religious man he slew

and cled him in his abeit new

ffor he cowth wryte & reid

Quhen kend was his dissimvlance

and all his cursit govirnance

ffor feir he fled and come in france

Wt littill of lumbard leid

To be a leiche he fenyt him thair

Quhilk mony a man micht rew evirmair

for he left nowþir seik nor sair

Vnslane or he hyne ƺeid

Vane organis he full clenely carvit

quhen of his straik so mony starvit

Dreid he had gottin þat he desarvit

He fled away gud speid

In scotland than the narrest way

he come his cunnyng till assay

To sum man thair it was no play

The preving of his sciens

In pottingry he wrocht grit pyne

he murdreist mony 1 in 2 medecyne

The Iow was of a grit engyne

And generit was of gyans

In leichecraft he was homecyd

he wald haif for a nicht to byd

A haiknay and the hurtmanis hyd

So meikle he was of myance