Page 294

His yrnis was rude as ony rawchtir

quhair he leit blude It was no lawchtir

Full mony Instrument for slawttir

Was In his gardevyance

      1 On margin.       2 to deleted.

He cowth gif cure for laxatyve

To gar a wicht horſs want his lyve

Quha evir assay wald man or wyve

Thair hippis ƺeid hiddy giddy

His practikis nevir war put to preif

Bot suddane deid or grit mischeif

he had purgatioun to mak a theif

To dee wtowt a widdy

Vnto no meſs pressit this prelat

for sound of sacring bell nor skellat

As blaksmyth bruikit was his pallatt

ffor battering at the study

Thot he come hame a new maid channoun

he had dispensit wt matynnis channoun

On him come nowþer stole nor fannoun

ffor smowking 1 of the smydy

Me thot seir fassonis he assailƺeit

To mak the quintessance and failƺeit

And quhen he saw þat nocht availƺeit

A fedrem on he tuke

And schupe in turky for to fle

and quhen þat he did mont on he

All fowill ferleit quhat he sowld be

That evir did on him luke

Sum held he had bene dedalus

sum the menatair marvelus

Sum 2 martis smyth wlcanus

And sum saturnus kuke

And evir the cuschettis at him tuggit

The rukis him rent the ravynis him druggit

The hudit crawis his hair furth ruggit

The hevin he micht not bruke

      1 k interlined.        2 the deleted.

The myttane and sanct martynis fowle

Wend he had bene the hornit howle