Page 295

Thay set avpone him wt a ƺowle

And gaif him dynt for dynt

The golk the gormaw And the gled

Beft him wt buffettis quhill he bled

The sparhalk to the spring him sped

Als fers as fyre of flynt

The tarsall gaif him tug for tug

A stanchell hang in ilka lug

The pyot furth his pennis did rug

The stork straik ay but stynt

The bissart bissy but rebuik

Scho was so cleverus of hir clvik

his bawis he micht not langer bruik

Scho held thame at ane hint

Thik was the clud of kayis and crawis

Of marleƺonis Mittanis and of mawis

That bikkrit at his berd wt blawis

In battell him abowt

Thay nybbillit him wt noyis and cry

The rerd of thame raiſs to þe sky

And evir he cryit on fortoun fy

His lyfe was in to dowt

The Ia him skrippit wt a skryke

and skornit him as it was lyk

The egill strong at him did stryke

And rawcht him mony a rowt

ffor feir vncunnandly he cawkit

Quhill all his pennis war drownd & drawkit

he Maid a hundreth nolt all hawkit

Beneth him 1 wt a spowt

             1 quha deleted.

He schewre his feddreme þat was schene

and slippit owt of it full clene

and in a Myre vp to the Ene

Amang the glar did glyd

The fowlis all at þe fedrem dang

As at a monster thame amang

Quhill all the pennis of it owsprang

In till the air full wyde

And he lay at the plunge evirmair

Sa lang as any ravin did rair

The crawis him socht wt cryis of cair

In every schaw besyde