In presenting this report upon "The Causes of Malaria in Bombay
and the Measures Necessary for its Control" I desire to acknowledge the great
assistance afforded to me in the work of investigation by the members of the
Malaria Investigation Committee. But for the facilities freely granted to me
by the Municipal Commissioners Mr. W. D. Sheppard, I. C. S., and Mr. P. R.
Cadell, I. C. S., the work of investigation in the City generally would have been
impossible; and the cordial help given me by the Honourable Mr. J. P. Orr,
I. C. S., Chairman of the City of Bombay Improvement Trust, Mr. W. C. Symes
and Mr. A. H. Froom representing the Port Trust and Mr. A. Muirhead and
Dr. A. H. Deane representing the G. I. P. and B. B. & C. I. Railway Companies,
respectively, lightened the work in special areas to a very great extent.
I am greatly indebted also to Dr. J. A. Turner, the Executive Health Officer
of Bombay, for much valuable information, for returns regarding sickness and
for many specimens of mosquito larv collected by officers of the Health
Department. My thanks are also due to Colonel W. B. Bannerman, I. M. S.,
Director, and Major W. G. Liston, I. M. S., Acting Director, of the Bombay
Bacteriological Laboratory at Parel, for the facilities placed at my disposal there
and for advice and help which has been of the greatest assistance.
The work of investigation in areas controlled by the Port Trust was greatly
simplified by help afforded to me on many occasions by Mr. P. Glynn Messent,
M.I.C.E., Chief Engineer of the Bombay Port Trust, and Dr. S. A. Powell,
Chief Medical Officer, and Messrs. Price, Wills and Reeves, the Contractors for
the New Dock, granted me every facility for carrying on the enquiry in the
New Dock Works.
Much of the information given in Part I and Chapter I of Part II of the
report was derived from the pages of the recently published Gazetteer of Bom-
bay City, and the Administration Reports of the Municipality. A special
report by Dr. J. A. Turner, Executive Health Officer, which contained detailed
information regarding the anti-malaria measures adopted in the City from time
to time, was most useful in drawing up the Chapter on "The History of
Malaria Prevention in Bombay."
Section 1 of Chapter IV in Part III which deals with "The Cost of
Mosquito Prevention in different parts of the World" is largely based upon
information derived from Major Ross' recent book on "The Prevention of
Malaria" which has also suggested to some extent the general arrangement
adopted in this report; and Sir Rupert Boyce's "Mosquito or Man," and
"Health Administration in the West Indies" was of assistance in dealing with
"The Legal Aspect of Malaria Prevention." Colonel W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., not
only provided the formula for his valuable larvacide, but supplied reprints of a
number of his papers dealing with mosquito prevention and they have been
freely quoted from in this report.
My assistants in the investigation were Assistant Surgeon D. A. Vaz, L.M.
& S., and Sub-Assistant Surgeons T. G. Akula and Keshavlal G. Modi, and
Mr. J. D. A. Fernandes acted as clerk, and I desire to express my appreciation
of their work. During a period of three months from May 1st to August 1910
Dr. R. B. Khambata, D.P.H., was attached to the staff of the investigation
and afforded much useful assistance.
Bombay, April 1911.
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