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              A mournful lament

          on the fate of


All you that have a feeling heart,
Attend unto my song,
Andif you'll pay attention         
I'll not detain you long ;
Our friends they are out down,
Forwhat according to the laws
Is treason against the crown.

Another Hero young and brave
M'Afferty by name—
Who had on many a battle field
Won honour rank and fame.
Upon the twelfth of June next
Is now condemned to die ;
Oh many is the Irish breast,
Will heave for him a sigh.

Neither 'gainst Judge nor jury,
No fault he said had he,
But of the charge against him,
He claimed to be set free;
And now his life he freely gives
To prove how true his love,"—
Oh, if he dies may angels bring
His Soul to God above.

When he received his sentence,
He loudly did declare,
Before the court and all the world
His trial was not fair ;
Both Butt, and Dowse his Counselle —
Tho' there none greater be—
And ably they defended him—
But could not set him free.

Tho' he did not wish to be out off
He said in manhoods prime,
And die upon a scaffold
Far from his sunny clime ;
But Irish men they fought and died
My sunny home to free ;
So like a christian now he'd die,
For Irelands liberty.

O! gallant sons and daughtersfair,
Of our dear little Isle,
Cheer uy I say prosperity,
Again will on us smile ;
Those gallant men they shall not die
Upou the gallows tree
It would not be polite nor wise
And that our rulers see.