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              The ful

All you who have kind feeling hearts with me nEw sympathise
It's when you hear this tale of blood it will you much surprise,
Two holy sisters they were murdered all by some vilian's hands,
Such a horrid deed was never known in this onr father-land

One Richard Murphy held a farm in Hollywood we hear,
Which was held by his father William for many a long year
And to his one son Richard he willed the hous & ground,
To his two dauters I lieu & Anne were portioned 30£,

It wrs on a monday eyeing Richard Murphy did come home
heu he beheld a dreadful sight—caus'd him to sigh & moan.
His sister Ellen near tee door lay bleeding in her gore,,
Two awful wounds in h r fair neck her scull was batter'd sore,

When the other sister did arive & found them all aroune
It was in a field neare to the house was Anne's cold body found,
A lifeless corpse covered with blood most dismal to be seen,
It would freeze the hardest heart to set-a milking she bad been,

Their brother was arrested & sent to Kilmainham-Jail,
Compllited to stand his trial for him they'd take no bail,
On circumstances he was tried so all may plainly see,
Why the learned Judge & Jury too have set the brother free,

It was no stranger done this deed well every ohe may know,
But some blood-thirsty villian to prove their overthrow
The money he would also take if he had only time,
But Providence who rules above will yet reveal this crime,

This trial lasted seven days in Green-Street Court we hear
His Parish Priest & others for him they did appear
Sidney & Curran his Counsellors the law they did expound,
TheJudge & Jury did agree not guilty he was not found,

Alas no bloodyer deed was done in the most cruel times,
Two fine young women mudered for neither stain or crimess,
We hope all friends & neighbours will devoutly for them pray,
since istmine said the Lord upon the judghment day.