As I walked oat one morning across the verdan
To view the meadows charming, the nymphs, and
rural swains,
I espied the fairest creature that e'er my eyes did see
la I drew near that place called sweet Dundee.
Her eyes they were transparent clear, most charming
to behold,
Her yellow flowing ringlets were like lovely links of
Her beauty bright, her carriage neat, her aspect
mild and free,
Like Venus fair she did appear, the flower of Dundee.

Her skin was like lilies, her breath was like perfume,
Her cheeks were like roses red that blow in the month
of June,
I thought that nature formed her my ruin for to be,
That lovely fair beyond compare, the flower of Dundee.

Said I, sweet lovely fair maid, your beauty does
Fair Helen or Diana, I wish that you were mine;
I hope you will consent, my love, and give your hand
to me,
I'll make no vow, but wed yon now, sweet flower of

To me you are a stranger, the fair one she did say,
I fear you're acting policy my virtue to betray,
For my small share of beauty should ne'er so conquer
Although you smile you might beguile the flower of

Said I, my lovely fair maid, I never did 'tis true
Beguile a maid—don't be afraid, I'll not begin with
you ;
Here is my hand and honour, this day we'll married be,
Make no delay but come away, sweet flower of Dundee.
Kind sir, then said this fair one, if that you do intend
To change your life and take a wife, I now will
condescend ;
Come unto my parents, and if they do agree
I'll be your bride this day, replied the flower of

So hand in hand together we to her parents went,
And quickly we were married with joy and sweet
content ;
Forty acres of good land with her I got rent free,
Happy and well I now do dwell with the flower of
Dundee.                                                233.

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Oh, Willie, is it you, dear, safe, safe at home ?
They did not tell me true, dear, they said you would not come
I heard you at the gate, and it made my heart rejoice,
For I knew thai welcome footstep, and that dear femiliar ,
Making music on mine ear in the lonely midnight gloom :
Oh, Willie, we hare missed yon—welcome! welcome home !


Oh, Willie, Is it you, dear, safe, safe at home !
Oh, Willie, we hare missed yon—welcome ! welcome home !

We're long'd to see yon nightly, but this night of all
The fire was blazing brightly and lights were in the hall,
The little ones were up, tall 'twas ten o'clock and past,
Their eyes began to twinkle, so they've gone to sleep at last;
They listened for your voice till they thought you'd never come
Oh, Willie, we have missed you—welcome, welcome home.

The days were sad without you, the nights long and drear,
My dreams have been about you, so welcome, Willie, dear I
Last night I wept and watched by the moonlight's cheerless
Till I thought I heard your footsteps, then I wiped my tears
But my hear grew sad again, when I found you had not coxae
Oh, Willie, we have missed you—welcome I welcome home!

      Oh, Willie, we have missed you, &c.