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At Slevonamon I met the man who ask'd was
Scully dead
I cannot give you that accountbut Ther he's bad
in bed
Heturned my mother Out the door but I might
meet him still
I am the bold Tip mounnsineer said Roary of
the hill


I am the bold Tip mountaineer said Roary of
the hill

When I saw my dwelling hurlled down I got
derdespered mad
Both Scully & tha agent to metney acted bad,
To leave the house where I was reared it was
against my will
But I migh meet him on the whip said Roary
of the hill

The mountains of Tip I have rambled throu &
The Gaiaymore I know righ well and the Glen
of Aherlow
A bad agent & landlord I cannot hear them still
I'd give them all what Baker got—said Roary
of the hill

Oh Erin are yoar daughters gone the foremost
And your gallant Sons the best of men were for
ced to cross the seas
They were from cruel landlords that are in
griu still
But boys keep your powder dry— said Roary
of the hill

The boys of Tip they are the beat at all
They are always fit to meet their mark and
cause a tyrant all
If the landlord be coutrary and persevering
I'll meet him at his own hall does said Roary
of the hill

One time Ileft this country and went across the
Because I shot a tyraht and so did Michael
I found no pleasure in that— but my thoughts
are Ireland still
So here I am baek to you once more said Roa
ry of the hill

I ask you am I welcome as I left New York be
I near eng red any man that would be just and
Butto leave the of it grieved my heart the
farm I did fill
But boys we'll shortly see good times said Roa
ry of the hill