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              THE ADVENTURES OF

          JACK O'DONOHOE.

Attend each valiant highwayman and outlaws of distain,
Who choose to live in slavery on wear the brand of chains,
Attention pay to what I say, believe me if you do,
I will relate the wretched state of Jack O'Donohoe.

This bold undaunted highwayman, as you shall understand,
Was banished for his natural life from Erin's happy land,
In Dublin town, of high renown, where his first breath he drew
The deeds of honour titled valiant Jack O'Donohoe.

When he effected his escape he took to the highway.
Where tyrants dare not walk the road either by night or day
Every morning in the news paper their was something pub-
lished new.
Concerning of that hero bold called Jack O'Donohoe.

He had not been twelve months on the Australian shore,
Till he turned on the highway as many did before,
There was M'Murragh and Andrew Ward, Warber, and
Wellesley to,
Those were the chief associates of brave O'Donohoe.

Says O'Donohoe to his comrades if you prove true to me,
This day we'll fight with all our might and gain our liberty,
We got courage stout and bold and Irishmen so true.
So this day we'll fight for liberty says bold O'Donohoe.

O no cried cowardly Wellesley to that well not agreee.
Dont you see there's eight or nine of them it's time for us to flee
And if we stay it will be too late and the battle we'll surely rue.
Then be gone from me you cowardly dogs cried bold O'donohoe

Says the Serjeant to O'Donohoe discharge your carabine
Or do you intend to fight with us or on to us resign.
To resign on to such cowardly dogs I never intend to do,
But this day I'll fight for liberty cried Jack O'Donohoe.

Then the serjeant and the corporal their men they did divide,
Some they placed behind him and more then by his side,
The Serjeant and the corporal in front they fired to,
'Till at length the ball caused the fall of brave O'Donohoe.

Nine rounds he fought with the police until a powder bail,
It struck the heart of O'Donohoe which caused him for to tall
Iu closing of his sparkling career he bid this world adieu.
Saying good people all pray for the soul of brave Jack