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            A NEW SONG ON THE

      Wonderful Apparitions,

Of the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, and St, John,
          In Knock Chapel County Mayo.
And behold from henceforth all generations
                shall call me Blessed."

Attend yon faithful christians give ear to what I say,
It's of a glorious miracle occured the other day ;
Where our Blessed Virgin did herself to sinners show
At the holy church of Knock in the county of Mayo,

A faithful few to Mary true, returning home at night,
Upon the chapel wall did view a most transparent light
They stood amazed and on it gazed and trembling
struck with fear,
When to their astonished eyes three statues did appear.

On the right was blessed St. Joseph, upon his face &
His holy hands uplifted as if he meant to bless this
Our Blessed Lady's hands were raised in an attitude
of prayer,
And in the right hand of St. John, God's holy words
was there.

The faithful few that saw the sight they say both one
and all,
The holy apparitions was some distance from the wall
And on the left side of St. John, appeared to view
quite plain,
An altar, cross, and the instruments by which the
Lamb was slain.

There are thousands come from far and near our
Lady's aid to seek,
And by her aid the deaf and dumb are made to hear
and speak,
And many who were born blind now see the way to go
From the holy church of Knock in the co., of Mayo.
At the wedding feast of Gallilee, our Blessed Lady
Oh Son Divine there is no wine, but water there is in
No sooner had she said the word when by her aid
The water that was at the feast was turned into wine

O blessed St. Joseph and St. John, we call upon your
And Holy Mother of God for Sinners intercede,
For the wonders that our Saviour done while preach-
ing to His flock,
Are done again through Mary's aid in the holy church
of Knock.

        Nugent & Co, Printers, 6, High St. Dublin.