Britons, to Arms!!!

BRITONS, to ARMS !—of Apathy beware,
And let your Country be your deareſt Care ;
Protect your Altars ! guard your Monarch's Throne,
The Cauſe of GEORGE and Freedom is your own !
What ! ſhall that ENGLAND want her Sons' Support,
Whoſe Heroes fought at CRESSY*—AGINCOURT†?
And when great MARLB'ROUGH ‡ led the Engliſh Van,
In France, o'er Frenchmen, triumph'd to a Man !
By ALFRED's great, and ever-honour'd Name !
By EDWARD's Proweſs, and by HENRY's Fame !
By all the gen'rous Blood for Freedom ſhed,
And by the Aſhes of the Patriot Dead !
By the bright Glory Britons lately won
On EGYPT's Plains, beneath the burning Sun,
BRITONS, TO ARMS! defend your Country's Cauſe,
Fight for your KING ! your LIBERTIES ! and LAWS!
Be France defied, her ſlaviſh Yoke abhor'd,
And place your Safety only on your SWORD.
The Gallic DESPOT, ſworn your mortal Foe,
Now aims his laſt—but his moſt deadly blow ;
With England's Plunder tempts his hungry Slaves,
And dares to brave you on your native Waves!
If Britain's Rights be worth a Briton's Care,
To ſhield them from the Son of Rapine—ſwear !
Then to Invaſion be Defiance given,
Your Cauſe is juſt, approv'd by Earth, and Heaven !
Should adverſe Winds our gallant Fleet reſtrain,
To ſweep his " bawbling" Veſſels from the Main ;
And Fate permit him on our Shores t' advance,
The TYRANT never ſhall return to FRANCE ;
Fortune herſelf ſhall be no more his Friend,
And here the Hiſtory of his Crimes ſhall end —
His ſlaughter'd Legions ſhall manure our Shore,
July 14, 1803.                                                   W. T. F. G.

* In the Year 1346, Edward Prince of Wales (commonly called the Black Prince), ſon of our King Edward III. gained the famous Battle of Creſſy in which
Thirty Thouſand of the French were killed upon the Field.
† In the Year 1415, Henry V. King of England invaded France, and gained the memorable Battle of Agincourt, when Ten Thouſand of the French were ſlain,
and Fourteen Thouſand were taken Priſoners. The Priſoners were more in Number than the victorious Engliſh Army !
In Queen Anne's Reign, A. D. 1706, the great Duke of Marlborough gained the renowned Battle of Blenheim. Twelve Thouſand French were ſlain, and
Thirteen Thouſand taken Priſoners, together with the French General, Marſhal Tallard.

      NICHOLS and SON, Printers, Red Lion Paſſage, Fleet Street.