A New Song on
To lay the the foundation stone, of the
Written by a patriotic Protestant.

Came all ye men of Ireland, ye sons of
I'll sing a glorious song for you, if my
lungs they do not fail,
About the great O'Connell who fought
John Bull with all his might,
And brased the British Lion too until he
won our right.

In the centre of our City, on Monday we
did erect,
A statue to this great good man who did
our rights protect,
We left his body in Glasnevin, embalmed
in tears of love,
And glory to his soul my boys, we know
its gone above,

But his brave heart it is not here, its far
away at Rome,
For the blessed Pope himself he would not
let it home,
But has it safe in keeping, all in a golden
And every day that comes forth he says
masses for his soul.

On Monday last the Trades did walk in
order to ropair,
Unto the Liberator's house south side of
Then by the Corporation with all the
clergy at their head,
Through the streets of this great City in
procession they were led.

Each Trade then had its banner, and band
of music too,
It was the grandest sight that the world
e'er did view,
Peter Paul M'Sweeny our great and good
Lord Mayor,
He laid the great foundation stone, and
made a grand speech there.

Each joined in the Procession with ribbons
and rosettes,
And when in the patriot ranks with
comrades there they met,
They have nobly done their duty to great
Dan and country,
And Ireland once more will be happy great
and free.

Though O'Connell has departed he told
us of our wrongs,
And we'll keep them in mind by our acts
and by songs,
And when we're all united sweet Erin
then shall be,
The fairest flower of the earth, and the
land of liberty.