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COME all you Britiſh ſailors bold,
Who heard of Nelſon's name,
He was ſtil'd the Britiſh hero,
He well deſerv'd the name.
He was famous in his victories,
He had great ſucceſs in war,
There is none to exceed the action,
That he fought at Trafalgar.
So you Britiſh tars be ſteady,
And maintain your glorious name,
And may you ever find a Nelſon bold,
To lead you unto fame.
October on the twenty-firſt,
Juſt by the break of day,
We ſpy'd the French and Spaniſh fleet,
To leeward of us lay.
With hearts as bold as lions,
Without either dread or fear,
We quickly crowded all our fails,
And down to them did ſtear.
You Britiſh tars be fteady, &c.
We had twenty ſeven ſail of the line,
And they had thirty three,
Diſplays the haughty colours,
Of the daring enemy.
We cared not a pin,
Bold Collingwood and the Sovereign,
The action did begin,
The action became general,
Our Britiſh guns did roar,
The French and Spaniſh lofty malts,
Came tumbling over board,
Eighteen of their fineſt ſhips,
To us became a prize.
The reſt became quite panic ſtruck
And home Britannia ſway'd.
You Britiſh tars be steady, &c.
So my boys we have won the victory,
But ſad news we have to tell,
In the height of all his glory,
Our gallant Nelſon fell.
He cries, fight on my Britiſh tars,
I have met a glorious end,
May you ever find a Nelſon bold,
To lead you unto ſame.
You Britiſh tars be ſteady, &c.

            Angus, Printer.