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      The Curate of Clonmore,

      Pitts printer, toy and marble warehouse,
          6 reat St Andrew street seven dials

COME all you good people and with me bewail
To join in this tragedy it is a dismale tale,
It is of a noble clergyman alas who is no more,
Whose name was Father Mullen the Curate of Clonmore

His loss with any pen I am not able to indite,
If Homer and Virgil together would combine,
He might huve stayed the grievance which spfead the coun-
ty o'ar
Since we lost our darling Mullen the Curate of Ctonmor

As for worthy Father Kelly pe has reason to lament,
On the duty of his Parish both night and day he spent
In execution or the same great slavery be bore
He may be well regretted in Kilquiggin and Clonmore

As for his worthy Mother that reared such a Son.
The hearts of all both great and small, the rich andpoar
he won,
She may be well contented to have him gone before
I hope he'll open heaven tor the people of Clonmore

There's deaf the dumb, the lame, the blind, its no
they must complain,
I like wise the afflicted which feels inward paies
And those who had other wounds and scars may welter in
their gore, (more,                 
Since thzy lost their skilful doctor the Curate of Clon-

Its those that were afflicted he instantly cured,
And fed the weak and hungry that went from door to
Those that went blind for many years their sight he did re
That wandered thro' the nation enquiring ſo Clonmore,

His friends from the Krag's county they came then dis-
And ctole away his best remains to our sad surprise.
Where the people all gathered and they need bemoa,
If they follow his example in the chaple of Clonmore,