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            POPE PIOUS THE IX

                  At Roscommon

                  DECEMBER THE 30th 1867

Come all you Roscommon boys re ice along with me,
And join our hoiy F ther iu mirte and unity
We will now sympathise my boys and forever we'l lay down
To see that grand community ie sweet Roscommon town

To see the great Lord Bishop it was his joy and care
For to exhort the pyoaple as he sat all in his ehair
The grevience of our holy Pope to us he did maka known
And also Father Coffee that came from sweet Athlone

Then came the brave O'Connor and he began to svy
Chree up my Irishmen we are come here on this day
We are come here my boys his greizence to make known
we'l join in ooe community to protect the Pope of Kome

The Cevd Doctor Philliys he is u worthy man
He says that Papasy for evor it wil surely stand,
He also say's that hrly Chureh shall never be forgot
Christ it shall stand foreven without wrincle or o spot

The number of our Bishops no peneman can lay down
That did there ossemble in Boscommon tuwn
They ceme here far and near with our Pope to simpathise
They come from Boyle and sweet Colphin and Strokes town

From Sligo trwn of high renown they came in coace and car
From Moat Athlone as they did come and likewise Mullingor
And from frencn Park as they did walk here on that day
Lhngford too I'tell you true and likewise sweet Gastlerea

Dont you know our holy pope they never can subdue
Becanse his holy laws jrom tne Lord they were dr
when Christ said to Saint Peter uyon this firm Rock
Behold I am with you always you need never fear a sh ck

On the 30th of December all in this present year
Thousands did assemble to join with him in prayer
To join our holy Pope may heaven set him frde
He will spacel and Garabaldi did gain the victory

New to conclude any finish I will lay down my pen
Success to the Qoscommon boys likewise our gentlemen
To commnnicate with our holy Pope it was a glorous day
May he always shine in splenyer let every christain pray

P. BRETON, Printer, 1, Lr, Exchangs, St, Dublin