Of the Allie into Pris;

            Being the Sure Preside to


          TUNE--"Hearts of Oak."

Printed and sold by Jennings, Water-lane,
            Fleet-street, London,

Come Briton, attend to teh teme of my song,
Since the PEACE is arriv'd that we've wish u for
so long
And poor Boney's done over, as plainly is shown;
such glorious success sure never were known.


Then sing,"The Frave Allies!: Through Earth's
wide expapse,
For now they have conquer'd,
For now they have conquer'd,
The Corsican tyrant, the desnot of France.

His over grown sway is at last at an end,
Though so stubborn of fate to no farms would he bend;
Bat the balance has tarn'd, and we heat. Boney sue,
Par bleu! Nappy says, Now I'll any thing so.
Then sing, &c.

The Allies, with their armies, to Paris were bent,
While Boney, behind them, knew not they intent';
victyory crown their endeavours, while Frenchmen re-
And proclaim Lewis king with the Great jation's voice.
Then sing, &c.

Then they call'd upon Boney to give up the throne;
So I will be replied, only let be alone.
But suppose now, the young King of Rone takes my
By no means! cries all Europe, we're sick of your rape.
Then sing, &c.

When he found he had fail'd in this modest request,
Ina different tone he the nation addrest'
Say he, "France! to serve you I'll part e'en with life.
--So they';ve let him go play with his son and his wife.
Then sing, &c.

Now Boney discarded may take a long Nap,
And the French ahave well fitted his heated with a cah';
If sleepless, no maker how loudly he rails,
For they've pulled all his teeth out and left him no nails.
Then sing, &c.

After twnety-five years of red Slaughter and Death,
This great change calls for praise upon all that have
Then lift up your hearts to the Sovercign Superme,
And ascribe thin great good, in the first place, to Him.
Then sing, &c.