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           A NEW SCNGON THE


Come neibonrs draw near till I tell you a tale,
And you'T hear of the laws they invented of late,
They are taxing the dogs that 'we had on our floor,
were useful segacious obedient & bold,

They are taxing The ma stive for watching the theives,
That would mind ill eur means while ourselves were asleep,
They a're taxing poor tyger both danger & bounce,
The are tied With a, log& they mussle their mouth.

Teey are taxing the bull dog for minding the stall,
And they are taxing the butcher for Killing the calves,
They are taxing the nailors the smith & his fgrge.

They are taxing the terier for killing the rats,
And they' May double tax on the claws of the cat,
They are taxing poor revnard for eating a goose,
He'll pay for the roast when the hounds are let loose,

They are taxing the gray hound for hunting the hare
And they ate taxing the pointer for setting the game
They are taxing the Indian the train & the steem,
And they'l lay double tax on the whiskey skilleen,

They are taxing the dogs that are leading the blind,
That can nea'r disearn the day from the night,
They are taxing the toper for drinking a dram,
They 'l fine him a crown or they'l send him to jail,

They are taxing the millers the Bakers & breab,
And they'r taxing the graves where we bury the dend,
They'r taxing the butter the milk & the chees,
And they' l tax all the nails on our hands & our feet,

They are taxing the farmers that cui ivate the ground,
hat is feeding the world the Queen & the Crown,
They are tax ug tha mason his hammer & trowl,
And the labouring man, that has sweat to his brow

They'r taxing tobaco that's wholsome to smoke,
And they,r taxing the snuff that would warm our nose,
They'r taxing the whsskey the porter & ale,
And they'l hav the old Weman for drinking their tea

They'r taxing the captain the ship & her crew,
And they'r taxing the tinker his buget & tools,
They'r taxing the weaver his shuttle & looms
And they'r are taxing the tailor his thimb'e & goose,

They are taxing the drarners their goods & their shops,
And , they'r taxing the dealer for corying a pack,
They'l tax the mustacia tho cleaver it grew,
And they'1 tax the young ladies for wearing the hoops

They are taxing the kettle poker & tongs,
They are taxing the donkey for wdaring a cross ,
They'r taxing the
salmon that runs through the stream,
And they'r taxing the ports that surrounding the sea,

They'r taxing the tommies the sixpenny shirt,
And the half-penny collar that's neatly made up,
They are taxing the fairs where the cattle are sold,
And they'l tax the young men if the girls they court,

P. BRERETON Printer, 1, Lr. Exchange St.