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              A NEW COMIC SONG ON THE

              AMERICAN BEEF.


Good people of this Irish nation pay attention one and all,
And I'll tell you without hesitation how the meat has got. a fall
The Graziers they were going to starve us and said the beef ;
could not be found,
At any price the law preserves us less than eighteen -pence a poud


But now this foreign importation has the butchers brought to grief
They're going mad with pure vexation since we got the Yankee

Since the real ould times was here in Ireland such a thing was
never known,
As to buy a pound from seven pence down of prime good beef
without a bone,
In place of paying at the rate of ten-pence for a thing call'd
staggeering bob,
So tough that when you'd go to chaw it twould drag the teeth
out of your bead.

The labouring men throughout all Ireland says before it's long
If they stick to eat the American meat, they'll be twenty times
as strong,
And the women shout without a doubt as sure as guns are guns,
That every one will buy then the beef at sixpence a pound

So hurrah my boys the good times are coming and they're wanted
bad indeed.
No longer now need we be gumming to get a rattling feed,
If you take a walk thro' the meat marxecs you'll see people of
every state,
Carrying with them plates and baskets going to buy the American
In a short time well get two pounds of it for the price of a half
And you'll hear it singing Yankee doodle when it's frying on the

I'm told they're going to build a snack shop away down on
Michaels hill,
For the gutter-club in general there hungry maws to fill,
Both tailors wavers and old waxeys each day must go there
without fail,
And punish four pound of Yankee beef, or otherwise take a month
to jail.

Now the paupers above in the union are going on strike I hear
them say,
They want to get the American meat for their dinne every day
And all old women in the country says no matter how it comes.
They must get to eat the American meat that's soft and tender
to their gums.