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                      Lines written on the


              HAPEN'D IN THE


Good people pay attention with me now simpathise,
I'm shure this dreadful miracle will stin e you with surpris
Concering a gentleman by satan led astray,
And at the end I afraid he became the dragons,

Its iu the North of Ireland near to the bo y well,
In the county of Fermanah this gentleman did dwel
For beguile young maidens he studdy'd day & night
And bring them to distruction it was his whole delight,

There was a girl in this place most beautiful to see
She did resign her fortune in to the Nunnery,
To go in this holy Convet this fair one did prepare
But oh this cruel villian for oer he laid a snare,

It was on a sunday eveing returning to her home,
This wicket perpetrater be met her all alone,
Its with a pistol in his hand he nnto her did say,
It you make the least alarm I'll take your life away,

This fair maid she was horrifide to hear woat he did s
But from her heart in secred she did pray,
O may the Blessed Virg'n with mercy look on me,
As I am now in danger may you set me,free,

This villian was determind no mercy for to show,
He seize'd this fair one by the breast & would not let her
Our Blessed Lady with her Son beside them did apear,
She took this fair one by the hand which maid him shake

This villian fell unto the ground quite lifeless be lay
This fair one giving teanks to Goditshome she went straitway
The lady like a brilliant star to Heaven did asend,
It was the Blessed Virgin that stood this fair ones freinds

This villian strugle'd to his home surprise'd at what he seee
He say's my sinful actions no longer I can screen,
The devil being his master & him he did obey,
Wsth a double-barl-pistol his life he took avvay,

Novv to conclude in these fevv lines good people bear in mind
If we but pray to Mary to us she'l still prove kind,
In spite of satan & his imps she set this fair one free,
For she has receiv'd favour from the Holy Trinity,

   P. Brereton, Pvinter, for, Exchange, St, Dublim.