New Version.

God bless our lovely Queen,
With cloudless days serene ;—
            God save our Queen.
From perils, pangs, and woes,
Secret and open foes,
Till her last evening close,
            God save our Queen.

From flattery's poisoned streams ;—
From faction's fiendish schemes,
            God save our Queen :—
With men her throne surround,
Firm, active, zealous, sound,
Just, righteous, sage, profound,—
            God save our Queen.

Long may she live to prove
Her faithful subject's love ;—
            God bless our Queen.
Grant her an Alfred's zeal,
Still for the Commonweal,
Her people's wounds to heal ;
            God save our Queen.

Watch o'er her steps in youth ;
In the strait paths of truth,
            Lead our young Queen ;
And as years onward glide,
Succour, protect, and guide,
Albion's hope—Albion's pride ;
            God save our Queen.

Free from war's sanguine stain,
Bright be VICTORIA'S reign ;
            God guard our Queen ;
Safe from the traitor's wiles,
Long may the Queen of Isles
Cheer millions with her smiles ;
            God save our Queen.
                                            ALEX RODGER.

G. Walker Jun. Printer, Sadler-Street, Durham.

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            HAIRY CAP.

In Warwick lived a company,
The hairy lads, so brisk and gay,
In Warwick there in great fame,
Some call them the light horse by name ;
Amongst the rest there is young Jack,
With a scarlet coat and Hairy Cap.

Young Jack he was my love you know,
Before he did for a soldier go ;
He has my heart with a free good will,
He has it now and keeps it still ;
I like him ne'er the worse for that,
For he's a lad with a Hairy Cap.

My father cries how can you moan,
Since he is for a soldier gone ;
My sister cries, O let him go,
How can you love a soldier so ;
I like him ne'er the worse for that,
For he's the lad with a Hairy Cap.

Now I'll go sell off all I have,
And follow my young lad so brave,
I'll sell my rock, I'll sell my reel,
I'll sell likewise my spinning wheel,
I'll pawn my cloak, I'll sell my hat,
And all to buy a Hairy Cap.

Then I'll go sell my gown you know,
Likewise my scarlet roccelo,
I'll sell them upon my word,
All for to buy a good sword ;
I'll look as rakish as young Jack,
With a scarlet coat and a Hairy Cap.

So if I should go to Germany,
I'm sure young Jack will go with me,
And if in battle I am slain,
I'm in peace and not in pain ;
I die, I die, I die with Jack,
Farewell unto my Hairy Cap.