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The Countryman's humourous De-
   ſcription of the Surrender of



Printed and sold by Jennings, Water-lane,
               Fleet-street, London.

JZE a lad, d'ye zee, that's just cum'd up to
(The broad-wheel'd highflyer last week set I
down,                                            (vor me,
Dang it, when I com'd there, 'twas amazement
To zee all the vine volk in such humour and
glee.                                     Tol de rol, &c.

Zo as I were a chap that was always vor fun,
And wishing to zee ev'ry thing that were done,
Says I to a lady,' what's waiting to zeer'
She zaid 'twere no odds to rude bumpkins
like me.'                             Tol de rol, &c.

Howsomever, I'd courage to ax once again,
Of a gemman, what all this flustration did
main ?                                        (heart,
Zays he my young mon we be glad to. the
'We be all of us waiting to zee Bonaparte
                                       Tol de rol, &c.

'To zee Bonaparte !' zo thinks I now that's
'Ods dicklins, how cum'd Mr. Boney o'er here?'
Zo, zays he, d'ye zee, ' Boney has lost all his
And to make him reform, he's to live I''the
Tower.''                             Tol de rol, &c.

Then I thought 'twould delight my old dad &
mam's heart,                         
To know we'd in limbo this fam'd Bonaparte,
Zo I toddled back whoam, & I made the place
ring,                             (bless the king,
With brave Wellington, Blucher, and God
                                          Tol de rol, &c.