The Chieftain of Hunkyway.

IN the Isle of Hunkyway,
A mighty Chief held sway,
His name was Hiam Hanky Hoky Chinky,
Whanky Whacklboo,
His skin was black and tough,
Round his middle hung a muff
And his hair just like an hearth rug, on his head
To lead a steady life,             (it grew,
This Chieftain took a wife,
Andofconcabines besides be had a whole stud.
But he loved his wife good Lord,
Cause his nose was three inches broad,
And she look'd for all the world, just like a mon
key roll'd in mud,
Sing hoky junckiboo
Hanky Tanky, pattiboo.
Winkee wankee folkee tokee.
Rummelechalae putti pee
Ka koora urra koo,
Wheram ooram mungy woo,
Hinky hosky winky wosky,
Wunkee wee,
Like a baboon tall and stout,
miam's wife oft wadale's out,
Herskin all plaster'd o'er with grease,
Andeathers round her middle too,
Her teeth so large and white.
E'en the devil would affright,
And with them oft the white men's flesh.
She prov'd she'd griddle too.
But she soon was put to bed,
With a little boy its said
His skin was like a pudding black,
His lips so thick, Oh dear
At his birth to make a rout.
Miam Hanky sent aoout,
Andinvited all the chieftian blacks,
Who dwelt both far and near.
Sing hoky, &c.
Then the dingy party met,
Such an impish looking set,
Some with mouths as wide as pits,
And some with heads as big as nine,
Some with noses too so flat,
And hair like a door mat,
Bedaub'd with fat and 'deck'd tih sings,
And human teeth so fine,
To see the feast they had,
Would have made a person glad,
They'd human legs sfewed into soap,
Watch they golp'd in shake,
Suckra's heads they pick'd a score
Lick'd their sausage lips for more,
Then jump'd about and for a change,
Each others heads did beat.
Sing hoky, &c.
They danced all night or neer,
But they got very queer,
What with smoking, feasting, drinking,
They were all birds of teacher,
They drank a barrel more
But they tumbled on the door,
And like a lot of soot chances
Roll'd about together,
As of sleep they stood in need,
They every one agreed,
To take a nap to make the Ignor.
Rest within their their head,
So drunk were they I hear ,
That they could not see cleat
So with another chieftian's wife,
Each tumbled into bed,
sing hoky, &c.
In the morning when they woke,
Each own'd it was no joke,
so every man his diagy mate,
Did kick slap out of bed Oh dear
Then very much displeased,
Their Tommabawks they siezed,
And in a shake they knoek'd each on the oh dear
To see the women fight,
And each others noses bite,
The blackey's heads like cannon
Balls up in the air they flew,
Their carcases next day.
Were sold for m at in Hunky way
And on a spot they roasted
Hicana Hanky whackiboo,
Sing hoky, &c.

      The Country Girl out
            of Fashion.

GOOD people a tend I will sing you a song
If you'll pay attention it will not be long
Tis of a new fashion that is come in order,
Towear a large banch uck in the cap border,
I have told you the truth indeed tis no less,
So give me the girl that wears a plain dress,
Fal de ral, &el
A little time hack the truth I declare,
They had a great fashion of curling the hair
Depend on my word they are quite out of order,
For want of a bunch stuck in the cap border
A poor countrygirl with her hair out of short,
When she comes to a town they will on her re
She looks very shabby & quite out of order (mark
For want of a bunch stuck in the cap border
Some lasses wear bonnets full half a yard wide
With large bunch of ribbons stuck in the inside
Another new fashion is go where you will
Is a large bunch of ribbons inside of the frill
To see some old women with their heads quite
grey, (gay
With a fine bunch of curls &their caps trimmed
they look quite the dandy I vow and declare
And perhaps their old shin is as rough as a bear
There is one thing more you all know full well
The rich from the poor you scarcety can tell (p at
With their fine dashing ourls & their hair in l
And the shit on their b ek as black as your hat
These daudy fied ladies to market will flock (frock
With their dandy gown sleoves made like a sinock
And their dandy white petticoats vandykeo round
And the rest of their clothes not worth ha acrowa
So now to conc ude and to finishmy song,
Hope you'll excuse me if I'm in the wrong.
I have told you the trath and indeed 'us so less
So give me the girl that wears a plain dress

Pitts, Printer, Toy and Marble Warehouse,
t, Andrew Strees Seven Dials.