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            Manchester Dandy.

I'SE a poor simple clown, and ju come from town,
Where I have seen all the sights that can be O,
And with me to bring back of fashions I've a sack,
For all I have seen and heard is quite the dandy O.
The great folks have got such tricks, they never dine till six,
Then down goes the wine, rum, and brandy O,
To be stilish too outright, you must sup at twelve at night,
And to go to bed at day-light is quite the dandy O.
You talk of plays and balls, and Madame Catalani's squalls,
With a voice as sweet as sugar candy O,
Three hundred pounds by gum, for singing is her sum,
And for paying it Johnny Bull is all the dandy O.
Ladies make such rackets, in their little jocky jackets,
The black, the brown, the fair, the sandy O,
Their trinkets, their lockets, but the devil of any pockets,
For a little basket to carry is all the dandy O
to strut and stare, with their high frizzled hair,
Some short, some tall, some handy O,
With a towel round their neek, that would hold a peek,
And so nearly stop their wizen is quite the dandy O.
Once fashion'd decreed that beaux's should be found,
In blue and buff uniform so handy O,
Now the charter to keep up, ladies dress in buff,
Short petticoats now are all the dandy O.
The ladies never fear, when they go to take the air,
For at driving all the gentlemen are quite handye O.
My lord he mounts the box, in a coat of twenty capes,
And to be a prime whip is all the dandy O.
A duel once to fight, makes a great man outright,
For nothing more stylish can be O,
Then with an ounce of lead, to be shot through the head,
And then a snug patent coffin is all the dandy O.
If France again should boast, they'd soon invade our coast,
They'll find British seamen quite handy O,
For all the world knows, that in conquering our foes,
The Murquis of Wellington is the dandy