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        BOYS OF



I am tipdy bit of an Irish boy
As you may painly see
I like a drop of whiskey
When I go on spree
I like a drop of the creature
To the good old Irish style
For a better drop can never be
Thau we sell on the Emerald Isle


Away from our native country
My boys wo ve oft-times roam
e ll ue'er fo get we are Irishmen
When far away from home

In Ireland you will see the boys
Uan dance jig or reel
With their pretty little eolleen
Can shove both toe & heel
The piper sits to play a tuae
To make the people smile
While we dance our native musi
Does the boys of the Emerald Isle

They say no Irish need apply
Is a thing I dont understand
For where would the English army be
Were it not for Paddies Land
When over they go to battle
They are uever known to win
Unless they are led en
By the best of Irishmen

At btte hang to the fh at Wa erld
Aad the Russian w r the same
Did not the boys of Paddys land
They proven hat they were game
They gave three cheers for ireland
In the good old Irish style
And the walloped Rians at Inkerman,
The boys of the Emerald Isle