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      The Surrender of



Printed and sold by Jennings, Water-lane,
            Fleet-street, London.

LITTLE Boney's done over last,
Though at Elba he might have been quiet,
But he thought that his presence was wanted,
In France for to kick up a riot,
So to Paris Napoleon he flew,
With brave marshals and soldiers rapscalli-
(Like Falstaff's delectable crew,) (ons
Thieves, perjurers, tatter'demallions,
                                Tol lol de rol, &c.

But his hopes were at Waterloo blighted,
By Wellington's science and skill, Sir,
If in fighting poor Nappy delighted,
Our hero then gave him his fill Sir ;
When he found what a storm was arising,
He took to his heels for his life, Sir,
And determined to give up the throne,
As the best means to finish the strife, Sir.
                                         Tol lol, &c.

Then the chamber of peers all assembled,
Some bawl'd out give Louis the throne, Sir,
And some said Napoleon the Second
They growl'd for't like dogs o'er a bone, Sir
But 'midst all their clamour and riots,
Napoleon he gave them the slip, Sir,
A ndthought to America he'd run,
But was stopp'd by an English ship, Sir.
                                         Tol lol, &c.

To the white flag he's yielded at last,
But none knows what will be his fate, Sir,
Tho' some say he'll be coop'd up in the Tower,
Among the wild beasts of the state, Sir ;
But whatever his fortune may be,
This theme must swell each British heart, Sir
We're at home, and we're happy and free,
How different from Nap Bonaparte, Sir.