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                 DRUNKEN ACT

My jovi l friend dr w near likewise each jolly toper,
T those few l nes yon hear no more whiskey Ale or Porte
For if you stag r i the st e t, b leive the truth I'm tel ing
Drunk or s ber ke n youv feet, or the County Gao l will be
your dwelling.


If you you stagger in the street, beleive the truth I'm telling
Druak or sober keep your feet r the County Gaoel will be
your dwelling

To the Majistrate you'll go you'll be surely fined 10s
To tip the cash , I'm s re you won'n be willing
But the fiue it must be paid th w rd it most be you will,
Or to the County Gao your led to break your shias upou
the Thr

From the Thr d ill to the pump, to supply the Goal with
Or breaking stones upon your ramp believe you'll get no
qu ier,s
So opers al be wise and ri king now give over
And their T red will Goal and Fine, we will pitch them to

The will fine you if you eat—ei her Eggs or Bacon
A l that they take away from our fertile natio
No matter boys for that, Old re an stj l wil nourish
Where the Shamrock grews an that little plant we'll nourish

The Police they will be fined if fro he bate they wander
Into a pn lie house en y are not a lowed to amb e
50 shillings is the fine if he d nk whiskey le or Brandy
An to pay get no time teey must cou it dow qu te
h ndy

The doors they must be c osed just a th our of t n sir
yy u sagger or fall o one lond rd e spe Hg
to th lock-up hey will you hall wh e yo 'll be s wering
anb sh ki g

T Shillings th c i t se a w e twenty,
So loo ut n time our pockers be t ein ty
so or ter
shillings is the or 3 no on b ead and water

P Brereton Printer 55 C S ee Dublin