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               OF THE

 St. George of 98 guns,

               AND THE

         Defence of 74

Printed and sold by T. Batchelar, Little
     Cheapside, Moorfields, London.

NOW listen you landsmen that dwell safe
      on shore,                               (that roar,
That are quite unacquainted with the billows
Of the St. George and Defence two ships of
        great fame,                             (the main,
Fourteen hundred poor souls were lost on
O the hardships of sailors at sea.
These two ships set sail, for Old England
        were bound,                               (found,
But the winds prov'd contrary as soon may be
Altho' hard at the pumps they work'd night
        and day,                               (bulent sea,
These poor souls met their fate on the tur-
A raft was procured each tried his life for to
        save,                               (waves,
While over each ship dashed the turbulent
When out of 1400 men, only 18 were saved,
The rest dreadful to tell, met a watery grave.
Now the wives and the widows of those
        left behind,                               (mind,
May Providence sooth their sad troubled
Lost their husbands and sons, of all comfort
        bereft,                               (left.
And likewise their children that orphans are
Now you that have wealth and in luxury
        abound,                               (men arround,
Think what troubles and trials British sea-
How they are exposed to the turbulent seas,
While you're blest with plenty, and live at
        your ease.
From those who're tender hearted sure this
        will compassion excite,
Let simpathy teach you and put in your, mit
And in so doing Providence will you bless
For relieving the poor widows and children