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of moisture, but the leaves were not weighted by it, and the direct sunshine had
not yet impinged on the brake. There was an abundant supply of root moisture,
slight evaporation, and an absence of extraneous strain on the primary pulvini
coincident with very limited extension of action and delay in the action of
the primary pulvini.

TABLE V.—Results of Experiments on section of Distal Pinnules in Dry Leaves
fully exposed to direct sunshine

No. of
1 Spreading and complete action in that leaf; no further result.
2 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
3 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
4 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
5 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
6 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
7 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
8 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
9 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
10 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
11 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
12 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
13 Spreading almost complete action in that leaf; no further result.
14 Ditto              ditto                     ditto.
15 Spreading complete action in that leaf; action in the first leaf below.

       The results in this table contrast strongly with those in the preceding one.
The difference is, however, quite in accordance with the difference in conditions
present in this case. The experiments were here conducted on a bright, clear
morning, with very warm sunshine and relatively dry air and after the brake