mares, 6 branded fillies, and 17 head of young stock competed for prizes; and
even these were an indifferent lot.

The actual number present appears to have been slightly in excess of last
year. On this occasion, 5,065 are reported to have been present.

95. The number of remounts obtained from this great number of horses
proves them to have been of poor quality. The Remount Agent obtained 20
head of young stock. This officer considers that the number exhibited for sale
was less than former years, but that the quality was about the same.

The 10th Bengal Lancers purchased 15 from dealers. Major Wood re-
marks :—

" As far as I could judge, a very poor fair."

The 18th Bengal Lancers purchased 7. The officer purchasing for this
regiment remarks:—

"Remounts of better class than those obtained in former years, but prices higher."

Captain Cookson, Inspecting Officer, Imperial Service Troops, obtained 2,
but remarks that they were inferior:—

" Quite the poorest class of horses I have seen at any Fair."

By the above it will be seen that the following remounts were obtained:—
20 for Remount Rearing Depôt.

24 for Native Cavalry and Imperial Service Troops. This is most disap-

96. The mule class was undoubtedly the most promising feature of this fair.
The Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, states that they showed
a decided improvement on former years. 65 were purchased by Captain Cookson
for transport purposes in different Native States. This officer reports them to have
been " good; even better than last year." The Commissariat Department
purchased 35. Beyond these no other officers attended with a view to pur-
chase, which is greatly to be regretted, as by their absence a number of good
mules were lost to the service.

Amritsar (Bysa-
khi) Fair.

97. This fair, held in April 1895, may be said to be entirely a dealer's fair.
No show is held nor are any prizes allotted either by District Boards or from
Imperial funds; still, as being a fair at which many remounts are obtained, it
is one of importance to the Native Cavalry. The following were purchased : —

Remount Agent ... ... ... ... ...


Native Cavalry ... ... ... ... ...


Imperial Service Troops ... ... ... ...


Native States ... ... ... ...


A great number of both Ordnance and Transport mules were purchased.

Bannu Horse

98. This show was held from 25th to 27th February 1895. It was expected
that this year's show would be a smaller one than last year's owing to distur-
bances across the Border.

99. The numbers fell from 1,324 to 740, but the actual number of animals
competing only showed a failing off of 59 when compared with last year.

When, however, we consider that 238 branded mares competed in the
class for " Brood mares covered by Government stallions during the past 12
months," the actual success of horse breeding in this district is assured.
This class is reported by the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, as
being a large and excellent class showing bone, size, and quality.

The Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, further adds :—

" Although the show this year was much smaller than last, I do not think there is any doubt
but that horse breeding in this district is largely developing. The very large class of brood mares,
the number brought to be branded (135), and the increased demand for the use of the Government
stallions, all testify to its being in a flourishing condition.

"During the show, I branded 101 useful mares."

The Deputy Commissioner of the district, who takes a marked interest in
the development of horse breeding, states :—

" The fair is very popular in the district, and more sales were effected this year than last.
The numbers were smaller than last year, but this was from accidental and transitory causes. The