Surra.                                 15

effect. When used alone, it lowered the condition of. the
animal and hastened a fatal issue. When tried in combina-
tion with other drugs such as atoxyl, tartar emetic and
methylene blue, it evidently counteracted to an extent the
beneficial effect of these drugs.


Stomoxys calcitrans

         Sp. probably new.

Hippobosca maculata

„         francilloni.

Tabanus consocius

„         hirtus,

Pangonia longirostris.
Musca domestica

„         Sp. closely allied to Musca corvina

Lyperosia minuta.

Rhyphus, Sp. probably new.
Calliphora erythrocephala.

„         Sp new

Phlebotomus Sp new.


IN the Annales de l'Institut Pasteur, No. 2, February
1908, MM. A. Laveran and A. Thiroux give an account of a
series of experiments conducted by them to test the value of
atoxyl, combined with various salts of mercury and arsenic in
the treatment of Trypanosomiasis. The results which they
obtained by the employment of atoxyl in subcutaneous in-
jections alternated with orpiment ingested in the form of
pillules are particularly striking. Five guinea-pigs treated by
this method recovered from experimental inoculation of Surra.
The success of this treatment and the fact that it is of practical
application induced us to repeat the experiments and to apply
the method to larger animals infected with Surra. The ex-
periments were carried out by Mr. Cross, Assistant Bacterio-
logist, and myself and our results entirely confirm those of
MM. Laveran and Thiroux.

                                            PONY 256.

Body weight

April 8th

... Inoculated with Surra


553 lbs.

„ 13th

... ...

Tryps. appeared in blood

553 „