Cavalry. If the purchasing officers had been allowed to buy 3-year olds as heretofore, this
number would have probably been considerably exceeded.

30.   Mr. White, the Collector, remarks in his report: "But what horses are bred here are of
very satisfactory quality and size, and the fact that Her Majesty's 5th Lancers, now in quarters
at Meerut, are all mounted on country-bred horses, and are well pleased with their mounts,
is one that is srifficient evidence of the success of the Horse Breeding Department. I have been
myself absent for some eleven years from Horse-breeding districts, and I must say I was
astonished at the size and stoutness of the brood mares I saw this year at Nauchandi."

31.   The Judging Committee considered the mare and filly classes good and promising;
young stock fair; fillies better than colts; young geldings deserving of persistent encourage-

32.   The Government grant of Rs. 1,950 was supplemented by Rs. 600 from local sources,
making a total of Rs. 2,550, of which Rs. 2,548 were awarded. Six bridles were given to
various successful competitors.

Horse Show.

33.  This show commenced on the 30th March and ended on the 4th April 1892.

34.   A discrepancy exists between the numbers reported as attending by the Assistant Super-
intendent, Horse Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces and Rajputana, and Collector,
—the former showing 739 head against 701 in 1891; the latter 643 against 711 in 1891. The
former expresses an opinon that this number would have been considerably exceeded if it were
not that the zemindars were busy getting their harvest in, and that many had started for
Hardwar with their mares and stock, intending to exhibit at the horse show held there in
connection with the Mahabarni bathing fair.

35.  The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces
and Rajputana, also remarks that Muzaffarnagar being so close to the large military station of
Meerut, a Judging Committee of officers from the mounted branches of the service should be
detailed to attend this show. With reference to this remark of the Assistant Superintendent,
Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces and Rajputana, it would be considered
a great boon by the Horse-Breeding Department if a similar Committee were detailed to
attend the Aligarh and Bulandshahr shows. It should consist of an officer from each mounted
branch, Royal Artillery, British and Native Cavalry, with a veterinary officer in military
employ to judge as to soundness. If possible the same officers should be selected to attend
Nauchandi and Muzaffarnagar as well. The reports of such a Committee would be most

36. The classes were reported on as follows:—

Branded mares and fillies, fillies 3 years old, and yearling colts ... ...

Very good.

Yearling and 2-year old fillies, British, remounts, and yearling geldings ...


Mares with foal at foot, Native Cavalry remounts, and 2-year old geldings

and mules ... ... ... ... ... ...


37, The Honourable Military Member in Council visited the show on the 2nd April and
inspected the brood mares and stock.

38. Six head of young stock were obtained for Government by the Remount Agent, the
highest price paid being Rs. 400, the lowest Rs. 210, and average Rs. 288-5-4. No report has
been received from the officers attending to purchase for the Native Cavalry; but the Assistant
Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces and Rajputana, shows
two as having been purchased for this branch of the service. The number of adult horses for
sale at Muzaffarnagar is always small, the show being almost entirely composed of brood
mares and young stock.

39.   Only four mules entered the judging ring, which, considering the large number bred
in the district, is remarkable. None were obtained for Government.

40.  The Imperial grant amounted to Rs. 1,000, Rs. 450 being added to the original sum
sanctioned from the funds allotted to the Saharanpur show not held this year. Local sub-
scriptions brought the total up to Rs. 1,500, the whole of which was awarded. Six bridles
were distributed amongst the prize winners.

41.  The Inspector-General, Civil Veterinary Department, attended the show in person, and
served on the Judging Committee.

Horse Show.

42. This show was not held owing to the district authorities being engaged in prepara-
tions for the great Mahabarni fair at hurdwar.