effected in the Punjab. Cattle breeders will also find useful
information regarding experiments with various varieties of
fodder, while the successful storage of green jowar is an
ordinary underground ensilage pit for four years, opens out
possibilities, of which many landowners should be able to
take advantage. The cordial relations subsisting between
the Veterinary and Co-operative Departments in the matter
of cattle-breeding and improvement societies and in the
distribution of good bulls are indicated in many paragraphs
of the reports, and are a source of great satisfaction to
Government. A careful perusal of the reports is commended
to all who are interested, as the mass of the landowning
classes should be, in the valuable work that is being done by
the Department in enhancing the great potential source of
wealth represented by the live stock owned by the people of
the Province.

                   By order of the Governor in Council,

                                                    C. A. BARRON,

                                    Financial Commissioner and Secretary to

                              Government, Punjab, Development Department.

             391 FC—271—26-2-27—SGPP Lahore.