It will be seen from the foregoing statement that 68,995
bovine deaths were reported from contagious diseases as
against 46,310 in the previous year, and that Rinderpest
accounted for by far the greater part of this increase.
Hissar District suffered most, 5,227 deaths being reported
from that district alone. Karnal, Rohtak, Gurgaon, Gurdas-
pur and Kangra Districts also suffered severely and nearly
all districts suffered to some extent. The Chief Superin-
tendent considers that the Jumna floods were a factor in the
case in Rohtak District.

The Chief Superintendent considers that the very
marked increase in the number of fairs throughout the pro-
vince must weaken our already uncertain hold on contagious
diseases, especially Rinderpest which does not always lend
itself to ready methods of detection at fairs. The fact must
not be forgotten, however, that if there are few fairs in the
province, the tendency is for cattle to travel longer distances
to the fairs that are held, thereby carrying the disease to
wider areas. The problem of control of epizootic diseases
seems to me to be one of finding means for the earliest pos-
sible detection of these diseases, and for the prevention of
the transport of diseased and suspected animals to other
localities. To assist in the control of contagious diseases,
Government has sanctioned for the year under report and for
the year 1926-27 the grant of Rs. 1,000 per annum for rewards
to patwaries and lambardars who promptly report outbreaks.
Doubtlessly this line of action will be continued as long
as necessary. I have also ordered all district agricultural
staff including Agricultural Assistants, Mukaddams and
Beldars to help in this work. Another factor tending
towards a solution of this problem is the spread of agricul-
tural education which is now taking place among the
masses. This must bring to farmers a realisation of the
importance of prompt isolation of diseased and suspected
animals in the interests of the community; the natural
result being the creation of a desire for measures to help
to reduce the incidence of the disease. The enlightenment
of the masses seems to me of first importance in this
connection. A great increase in the district Veterinary
staff in the next few years is contemplated, and if carried
into effect, this, combined with the action of the other agen-
cies at work will, I hope, materially change the position as
regards control of contagious diseases in this province.