the province are now rapidly attaining that importance
which the position of cattle in farm economy in the
Punjab entitles them to attain.

During the year under report. Delhi Province Veteri-
nary cadre was amalgamated with the Civil Veterinary
Department, Punjab, on the condition that the Delhi
Province administration will pay the expenses of the
men employed in that province and the increase in
the leave reserve of men required.

The control of contagious diseases in the Amritsar
Horse-Breeding Area has been transferred to the Civil
Veterinary Department, Punjab, while the Horse, Mule
and Donkey-Breeding in that area has been taken over
by the Lahore-Amritsar-Ferozepore Horse, Pony and Mule-
Breeding Society.

The graphs showing progress of Veterinary work for
the past few years which I had originally prepared for
the Empire Exhibition in London in 1924 have been
brought up to date and again appended to this report;
also the map which I had prepared showing all centres
of operations of the Civil Veterinary Department has been
brought up to date and appended.

In the past summer I drew up a five years' programme
of development for the Agricultural and Veterinary Depart-
ments and since then I have had the opportunity of
discussing this with Mr. Emerson, now Secretary, Finance
Department and the officers of the departments con-
cerned, with helpful results. There seems to be general
agreement as to the main lines of development, and it
is hoped that large expansions will take place in these
departments in the next five years.

I feel greatly indebted to the District staff of the
Veterinary Department for the good work they have done
in the year under report; also to the Co-operative De-
partment and District Officers for the very great help they
have given.

                            (3) Government Cattle Farm, Hissar.

Mr. Branford held charge of the Farm practically
throughout the year. Owing to scarcity of officers in the
Department he was without an Assistant Superintendent