previous year. The capital value of buildings, cattle, mach-
inery, medicines and dead stock articles on the Farm in the
year under report were valued at Rs. 18,74,015 against Rs.
18,21,056 in the year before. This highly satisfactory
result is due to a year on the whole not unfavourable for
the growth of grass in the Bir and to the highly efficient
mangement of the Farm.

Mr. Branford and his staff are to be congratulated on
an excellent year's work and I am glad to say that in the
extensive scheme drawn up for the improvement of Punjab
cattle, Mr. Branford has been appointed Live Stock
Expert for the province, and consequently that he will, in
future, be able to utilise his long experience of cattle-
breeding in the Punjab and his knowledge of the needs of
Punjab farmers over a very much wider sphere.



The 1st October 1926.

Director of Agriculture, Punjab.