province and especially in the South-East Punjab Districts.
The incidence of this disease seems to follow a definite cycle,
the indications pointing to unusual prevalence every three
or four years.

Statistics of the actual cattle mortality in the province
are now being obtained with somewhat greater accuracy
than formerly as the result of a more efficient system of
checking, made possible by the additions to our District

Examination and Collec-
tion of Pathological speci-

8. During the year 357 specimens were received from
the subordinate veterinary staff for
examination. These were as usual
examined in the Laboratories attached
to offices at Lahore, Rawalpindi and Ferozepore.


Note.—Only those outbreaks of contagious diseases amongst equines which occur
in the non-selected districts of the province are dealt with by this

Glanders.—Table II.

9. Thirteen confirmed cases, of Glanders occurred in 5
districts of the province during the year
under report against only one case in
Rawalpindi District last year. Notwithstanding the serious-
ness of this disease none of these ca es were reported, all
having been detected by the staff of this Department.

Anthrax.—Table II.

10. No case of Anthrax was reported during the year.
None last year.

Surra.-Table II.

11. The total number of cases confirmed by microsco-
pical examination of the blood during
the year under report was 2 0 as com-
pared with 73 during the previous year, The disease was
particularly prevalent in Mianwali, Rohtak and Karnal

Centres for the treatment of this disease are being
maintained at Sheikhupura and Bhera Veterinary Hospitals.
Methods of treatment are adopted there in collaboration
with the Director, Imperial institute of Veterinary Rese-
arch, Muktesar. The results of the treatment are given in
the Annual Report of the Sohawa Laboratory.

Dourine.—Table II.

12. No case of Dourine was detected during the year
under report.