Other contagious dis-
eases.—Table II.

13. No deaths were reported during the year. There
were 28 cases and 20 deaths during the
previous year. Under this heading are
included such diseases as Strangles,
Influenza and Biliary Fever.

                                                       (b) —Bovines.

Rinderpest.—Table II.

14. Rinderpest appeared in all the districts of the
province 52,269 deaths were reported
against 30.469 in the previous year.

Hissar District suffered the most where 5,227 animals died
of this disease. Karnal, Rohtak, Gurgaon, Gurdaspur and
Kangra Districts also suffered severely.

There was quite an unprecedented recurrence of this
disease this year which affected more or less severely all dis-
tricts of the province. The south-eastern districts were
particularly unhealthy, Rohtak suffering severely as the
result of the Jumna river flood.

The very marked increase in the number of fairs
throughout the province must weaken our already uncertain
hold on contagious diseases, especially Rinderpest which does
not always lend itself to ready methods of detection at

Anti-inderpest inocula-
tions.—Table III.

15. Anti-rinderpest inoculations were performed in
1,299 outbreaks and 232,159 cattle were
inoculated against 484 outbreaks and
77,513 inoculations during the previous
year. Three hundred and twelve animals died after inocu-
lation which were probably in the incubative stage of the
disease at the time of inoculation.

The number of inoculations has increased very consider-
ably this year as the result of the additional number of
outbreaks dealt with.

Under the present unsatisfactory system of control of
contagious diseases the Department views with concern the
steadily increasing demand for Serum, which has often to be
employed under most unfavourable circumstances.

As soon as an adequate staff is available the present
uneconomic system of controlling Rinderpest by the Serum
Alone method must eventually give way to the Serum
Simultaneous method.