Government grant-in-aid.

28. During the year under report grant-in-aid from
Government was given to the follow-
ing District Boards for the construc-
tion of new veterinary dispensaries in rural areas or at
places where hired buildings are being used:—


District Gurgaon ...


„ Karnal ...


„ Atrock ...


„ Jhelum ...


„ Mianwali ...


„ Montgomery ...




Simla Veterinaty Hospi-

29. The special sanction of Government to the
appointment of a Veterinary Inspector
in charge of the Simla Veterinary Hos-
pital was given during the year.

The receipts and expenditure of the Simla Veterinary
Hospital were Rs. 12,389 and Rs. 6,981, respectively,
against Rs. 10,329 and Rs. 6,650 in the preceding year.
The surplus of income over expenditure which has been
credited into the Government Treasury by the Municipali-
ty was Rs. 5,408 against Rs. 3.679 (or Rs. 1,729 more
than last year). The minimum amount that is required
to be paid to Government annually according to the terms
of transfer of the Institution on account of pay and allow-
ances of the Veterinary Inspector in charge and interest on
the initial cost of the hospital plus that on the additional
expenditure on buildings at 4½ per cent is Rs. 3,732 per

The net profit to Government was therefore Rs. 1,676
against Rs. 220 last year.

                                                          Breeding Operations.

                                                              I.— BOVINES.

Stud            bulls.—Table

30. At the close of the year under report there were
2,253 District Board stud bulls at
work in the various districts of the pro-
vince against 1,958 last year. There were 557 additions and
262 casualties during the year. Indents for 414 Hissar