Thirty bulls bought from the Hissar Farm were dis-
tributed in the Hissar District. The proposal to include
the Hissar District Board for a Government grant under
the scheme has been accepted by Government.

The staff required for the effective organisation of a
cattle scheme of this kind has not yet been conceded.
Meanwhile with the help of the Co-operative Department
cattle-breeding societies are being organised, stud bulls
distributed and the castration of unsuitable bulls carried out
through our ordinary district staff.

Dhanni cattle-breeding

32. The work of the scheme was inspected by His
Excellency the Governor on his visit
to the Dhanni Tract. Supporters of
the scheme greatly appreciate the
lively interest taken by him in the revival of their famous
Dhanni breed of cattle. They were grateful for the
promise received of further financial support from Govern-

The area in which the scheme work is centered
embraces parts of the four North Punjab districts included
in the Dhanni Tract, namely, Attock, Jhelum, Rawalpindi
and Mianwali.

The scheme received financial support this year from
Government in the form of grants as under, conditional
on half the amount being contributed by the District Boards


5,200 to the District Board, Attock.


6,000 to the District Board, Rawalpindi.


4,000 to the District Board, Mianwali.


6,400 to the District Board, Jhelum.

A sum of Rs. 1,000 was also allotted by Government
for award at cattle fairs to special classes for cows entered
in the Dhanni herd book.

The Dhanni Cattle-Breeding Associations of Rawalpindi
and Attock Districts have voted a sum of Rs. 150 for the
same object.

Private supporters include Lala Ganpat Rai of village
Jand, district Attock, and Sardar Jiwan Singh of Daulatala,
district Rawalpindi who have given silver medals for compe-
tition at Tallagang and Gujar Khan cattle fairs.

The fodder situation within the tract has on the whole
been favourable to the progress of the work of the scheme.