Merino Rams and Ewes.

39. During the year under report 73 cross-bred merino
rams were issued from the Government
Cattle Farm, Hissar, to breeders
as compared with 8 rams during the
previous year. These were issued to the following dis-
tricts :—

Rohtak .. .. ..


Kangra .. .. ..


Gnrdaspur .. .. ..


The indifference of the average of sheep owner is reflected
in the reports received from time to time regarding the merino
rams and ewes already distributed. The general complaint
is that the merino is not as hardy as the local sheep and
needs too close attention, also that he is less able to
withstand disease.

In order to stimulate sheep breeding industry in Kangra
district, Government provided a sum of Rs. 1,000 in the year
1928-29 for the supply of 100 three-fourth bred merino rams
and ewes from the Government Cattle Farm, Hissar. The
first batch landed in the district in March 1929 and the sheep
have since been distributed amongst sheep owners and other
zamindars interested in sheep-breeding. A similar sum has
again been provided by Government in the budget for the
current year. The local staff of the Civil Veterinary Depart-
ment is endeavouring to persuade owners of sheep to show
more care in the selection of breeding rams and ewes.

It is hoped that with the help of Government this Depart-
ment will be in a position to devise means for the improvement
of the sheep-breeding industry in Kangra and Kulu valleys.
The direction which these efforts will take will be firstly, the
grading up of the local sheep by more careful selection of
breeding ewes and rams, and secondly, the crossing of
selected local ewes with merino rams, which it is hoped to run in
separate flocks from which, the country rams will be entirely

Sheep breeding work is progressing satisfactorily in the
districts of Attock and Shahpur. The indigenous type of
sheep bred here has improved tremendously in these districts
of late years. No merino rams were introduced during the
year under report as experiments with the merino rams
have not been successful owing to heat and want of sufficient