44.     A scheme for reporting of cattle diseases by village chauki-
dars as an experimental measure in three districts in the province and
one for the organization of veterinary aid in rural areas have not
matured as yet for want of funds.

45.     With a view to extend serum-simultaneous inoculation
operations, it is desirable to erect a virus-producing centre at a suit-
able place wherein goat virus may be conveniently manufactured for
distribution in the province, as necessity arises. A scheme for this
is under contemplation.

4G. During the year tests were carried out at the Agricultural
Institute, Allahabad, for detection of tuberculosis and Johne's
disease by double intradermal method. The percentage of positive
reactors in the test showed 7.3 for tuberculosis and 2.4 for Johne's
disease. Suspicious reactors showed 12.1 for tuberculosis and 1.2
for Johne's disease. Measures were suggested to the Institute autho-
rities for the eradication of both the diseases from their herd.

47. Five sanads were awarded daring the year to the following
persons for rendering help to the department in carrying out inocula-
tions against cattle contagious diseases in the different districts.


Jhansi district ..

Gaya Prasad, Patwari, village Kerote-
har, tahsil Garoth.


„ „ ..

Gulab Chanel, Patwari, village Sham-
sherpur, tahsil Garoth.


„ „ ..

Babu Lal, Patwari, village Bhanmori,
tahsil Mau.


Hamirpur district

Dewan Udey Narain Singh, son of
Dewan Halender Singh, village
Machgawan, tahsil Rath.


Partabgarh district

M. Sirajul Hasan, son of M. Abdul
Hasan, zamindar of village Jamwa.

48.     A special feature of the year was the withdrawal of provincial
stallions by the District Remount Officer from the district of Mcerut,
as the board refused to bear the charges for their up-keep. This has
deprived one of the four selected districts from the services of Govern-
ment stallions and it is feared, other districts might also follow this
procedure which would be an uphapply precedence.

49.     In the Almora district special endeavours were made for the
suppression of rinderpest which was in a virulent form during the
year and Deputy Superintendent, Moradabael, Khan Sahib M.
Ghulam Qadir, along with S. Niranjan Singh Grewal, Veterinary
Inspector, Haldwani, had to work specially hard even under adverse

50.     The work of the technical and clerical staff has, on the whole,
been most satisfactory and I should like to bring to the notice of Gov-
ernment the names of the following officers :—

    (1) Babu Satya Kumar Mukorjec, my Head Assistant.
    (2) Veterinary Inspector S. Udam Singh, who has performed
        his duties as Special Inspector on investigating work in
        a most satisfactory manner.