Annual Administration Report of the Civil Veterinary
Department, Ajmer=Merwara (British Rajputana) for
the official year 1914-15.

General Administration.

Mr. J. G. Cattell held charge of the office of the Superintendent, Civil
Veterinary Department, Sind, Baluchistan
and Rajputana, from 1st to 16thApril 1914,
and from 19th October 1914 to 31st March 1915. He was on combined leave
from the 17th April to the 18th October 1914. Owing to his time being fully
taken up in Sind and Baluchistan he was unable to visit the province during
the year.

2. Mr. E. S. Farbrother, who acted for the Superintendent, Civil Veteri-
nary Department, Sind, Baluchistan and Rajputana, during his absence on leave
from 17th April to 18th October 1914, remained attached to the Superintend-
ent's office for the remainder of the year, except from 5th November to 4th
December 1914 when he availed himself of one month's privilege leave. Mr.
Farbrother was on tour in Rajputana for 26 days. He travelled 170 miles by
road and 1,594 miles by rail. He attended the horse and cattle fair at Pushkar,
inspected the veterinary dispensaries at Ajmer and Beawar thrice, checked
inoculation work performed by Veterinary Assistants and attended several out-
breaks of cattle disease.

                            I.—VETERINARY INSTRUCTION.

Veterinary Colleges and Schools.

3. There are no veterinary colleges or schools in the province and is there-
fore nothing to record under the heading.

                            II.—TREATMENT OF DISEASES.

(1) Contagious disease, Outbreaks, Mortality, Preventive inoculation, etc.

Mortality Statistics—Table II.

4.    Outbreaks of contagious disease were reported from both districts and
included rinderpest and foot and mouth in bovines and rabies, distemper and
tetanus in other animals. The total
mortality reported amongst all classes of
animals was 194 against 50 reported last year.


5.    No contagious disease was reported to have prevailed amongst equines
during the year.

Bovine epidemic disease—Table II.

6. One hundred and sixty-two heads of cattle are reported to have died from
rinderpest (69 in Ajmer and 93 in Mer-
wara) against 41 deaths reported last year.

Preventive inoculation—Table III.

One thousand and seventy-six cattle were inoculated against rinderpest in
five outbreaks. One hundred and nineteen
uninoculated contact animals died of the

Foot and mouth disease occurred in the Ajmer district and the number of
animals attacked numbered 200. The mortality from the disease was four.

Epidemic disease (others)—Table II.

7. Twenty-one deaths from rabies (12 in Ajmer and 9 in Merwara district)
have been reported during the year against
5 deaths reported last year. Five animals
died of distemper in the Ajmer district.

One death from tetanus was reported from the Merwara district during
the year under report.