68. Veterinary Inspectors shall submit the following reports and
returns, on the dates specified against each, to the Superintendent through
the Deputy Superintendent:—

(1) Tour diary ...

By the 10th of the month following.

(2) Consolidated quarterly
return showing quantity
of serum received,
issued and balance in
hand in the district.

By the 10th of the month following
the close of the quarter.

(3) Annual report on the work-
ing of the Civil Veter-
inary Department in
the district.

15th May.

(4) Bi-monthly return of out-
breaks of cattle diseases.

1st and 15th of every month.

The Veterinary Inspectors shall also see that the annual reports sub-
mitted by the Veterinary Assistants (vide paragraphs 96 and 97) are correctly
prepared and submitted on the due date.

C. C.'s Book
Cir. V-6.

68-A. The scale of tents sanctioned for the use of a Veterinary
Inspector on tour is:—

1 Miniature Swiss Cottage Tent 9' x 9' with bath-room and
verandah durries and verandah chicks.





1 Servants' pal 12' x 12' ...