will sign the bills and have them presented at the District
        Treasury for payment without pre-audit of the same by
        the Comptroller, except in the Nagpur District, where
        such bills have to be pre-audited and made payable
        at the Sub-Treasury concerned. Payment in the case of
        other districts will be made by the District Treasury Officer
        to the Deputy Commissioner, who will disburse the amounts
        to the Veterinary Assistants attached to the Dispensary at
        the Sadar head-quarters, and arrange to have cash orders
        issued on the respective Sub-Treasuries in his district on
        account of the pay of the Veterinary Assistants attached to
        the Dispensaries at outlying tahsils.

    (d) Travelling allowance bills of the Veterinary Assistants
        attached to districts and tahsils should be dealt with in the
        same manner as their pay bills, only one bill being prepared by
        each Veterinary Assistant for the claims of a single month.
        Deputy Commissioners will sign the travelling allowance
        bills of the officials attached to their districts in the spaces
        provided for the signatures of the Drawing Officer before
        they are presented at the District Treasury for payment.

155. The Service Books and character rolls of the Veterinary
Assistants working under the orders of the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary
Department, will be maintained by that officer, and those of the Veterinary
Assistants attached to the Dispensaries in the various districts and tahsils
by the Deputy Commissioners concerned.

156. Each peripatetic Veterinary Assistant or Assistant in charge of
a Dispensary will hold an advance of Rs. 5 or more according to require-
ments, to meet petty contingent expenditure and purchase country medicines
locally. He will be held responsible that vouchers to the extent of the
whole or part of the advance are furnished to the Local Body or Superin-
tendent, Civil Veterinary Department, as the case may be, before a
requisition is submitted for recoupment of the expended amount.

157. Charges on account of conveyance hire paid to a Veterinary
Assistant for attendance on sick animals of Government, irrespective of
the Department to which they belong, will be borne by the Civil Veterinary
Department and drawn by the Superintendent in contingent bills under
"Office expenses and miscellaneous", duly supported by a certificate as
required by Article 1080 of the Civil Service Regulations.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
43, d.

158. All correspondence despatched by Veterinary Inspectors and
Assistants should be posted "Service Bearing." The bearing postage
charges should be debited to the office of the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary
Department, or of the Local Body concerned, according as the letter is
addressed to the Superintendent or to a Local Fund Official.

NOTE.—This rule does not apply in the case of the Veterinary Assistants in charge of the
Provincial Veterinary Dispensaries at Nagpur and Pachmarhi and the Veterinary Assistants
attached as reserve staff to the office of the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department,
Central Provinces, whose charges are all provincial and service postage stamps only should be
used in all correspondence conducted by them.

159. The amount of Dispensary receipts should in the case of
Provincial Dispensaries be credited by the Veterinary Assistant in charge
into the Treasury every week or oftener if the amount exceeds Rs. 25 and
in the case of Dispensaries maintained by Local Bodies, the amount
should be made over to the Secretary or Chairman of that Body.