Nagpur did not progress further but a new field was started at
Khurda with the help of the Subdivisional Officer and sixteen
pits were opened there with partial success. In the Kolhan and
Porahat areas of Singhbhum district the villagers who were
shown the method of preserving grass, filled up some pits of their
own accord. In Angul this operation was conducted by the
Agricultural Department.

104. Elephantkhedda.—As elephants were not available in
the forest no khedda was held in Angul during the year, and the
Political Agent and Commissioner of the Orissa Feudatory States
has, it is understood, recommended the abolition of the khedda

105.  Propaganda.—The Assistant Director did propaganda
work by having a number of veterinary charts and models
prepared locally for demonstration purposes and helped in the
opening of a veterinary stall in the Ravenshaw College, Cuttack,
on the commemoration day of the college and similar stalls on
other occasions, such as the Bihar and Orissa Annual Co-operative
Federation Congress held at Cuttack. He also arranged for the
veterinary exhibits and demonstrations on the Co-operative Day
at the Cuttack Town Hall where a veterinary drama was recited
by a staff veterinary assistant surgeon much to the appreciation
of the public. Propaganda work as far as practicable with the
present limited staff has been commenced in the North Bihar
Range where a number of exhibits of veterinary interest were
sent to the last rural welfare show held at Muzaffarpur and
lectures were also delivered on the utility of the Veterinary

106.  Hackney carriage and ekka service.—Though there
has been an appreciable improvement in the hackney carriage
and ekka service at Patna since the appointment of the
cruelty inspector and attempts made by the department to
eliminate undersized horses and ponies, the condition of this
service in other parts of the province, especially at Cuttack and
Purulia is yet deplorable. The municipalities which are now
receiving money in the shape of fines realized from the cruelty
cases should consider the question seriously so as to effect an
improvement in this respect.

107.  Acknowledgments.(a) The following officers are
commended for good work :—

Veterinary inspectors.—Babu H. K. Roy, Muzaffarpur;
Maulavi S. I. H. Akbari, Gaya (since appointed lecturer); Babus
Bose, Purulia and S. N. Chattarji, Chaibassa.