11.    Anthrax.—Two cases occurred in this province as against nil in
the preceding year. In these cases the diagnosis was confirmed by bacterio-
logical examination.

12.    Surra.—Only two cases were reported from Alipur, 24-Parganas,
as against nil in the preceding year. They were sent to the Bengal Veteri-
nary College for examination and destroyed after bacteriological test.

13.     Dourlne.—No case was reported during the year.

14.    Other Contagious diseases.—Ten cases were recorded under this
head as against 51 in the previous year. No details are available.


15.    Rinderpest.—This disease this year has visited the province in a
particularly severe manner, 17,425 deaths occurring as against 12,178 in the
previous year. It assumed a very virulent type in the districts of Burdwan
and Chittagong divisions and also in the district of Bakarganj, where out-
breaks were promptly attended to, and necessary steps taken for, preventing
their spread. Where the district staff was insufficient to cope with the
disease, staff veterinary assistants were deputed and rendered considerable
assistance. Inoculation was carried out in 25 districts.

16.     Foot-and-mouth diseases.—Deaths 638 animals against 227 in the
previous year. The loss was chiefly confined to old and weak animals.

17.     Haemorrhagic Septicaemia.—This year the disease appeared in
21 districts with a total mortality of 901 as against 1,804 of the last year. It
was most severe in the district of Birbhum, where 135 cases of death were

18.    Black Quarter.—The Joss under this head was 31 as against 2 in
the previous year.

19.    Anthrax.—Occurred in nine districts and carried away 194 animals
as against 88 in the preceding year. The loss was highest in the district of
Birbhum, where- 90 cases occurred. In severe outbreaks inoculation was
undertaken with success to prevent the spread of the disease alter the
diagnosis has been confirmed by microscopical examination.

20.    Other diseases.—Considerable less mortality is noticed under this
head. In all, 155 animals died as against 345 in the preceding year. No
details are available.

21.    Contagious diseases amongst other animals.—These include

such diseases as rabies and distemper in canines, fowl cholera, swine plague,
etc. Ninety-teven animals are reported to have died as against 196 in
the previous year.

                                             Table III.

22.    Preventive Inoculation.—Table III shows the result of preventive
inoculation performed in the province.

23.     Inoculation was undertaken in 539 outbreaks, and 86,354 animals
were inoculated as against 81,896 animals in 537 outbreaks of th6 previous
year. The details of inoculation are as follows :—



Rinderpest ...




Hæmorrhagic septicæmia




Anthrax ...






24.     These figures exclude 2,799 cases of inoculation performed in
Calcutta and its suburbs by the staff of the Bengal Veterinary College.

25.     As will be seen from the figures given above, protective inoculation
chiefly against rinderpest was carried out 0n a very large scale, and whenever
possible this method of checking the disease is now adopted Enquiries
made in the localities where animals were treated with the protective sera
show that results were highly satisfactory. Very little opposition is now